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Founded in 1969 and Headquartered in Newcomerstown, OH, RJ Wright and Sons provides petroleum distribution and storage solutions to covering the farm equipment that feeds America, the furnace that heats your home, the vehicles we drive, and the industrial machinery of production. Our fleet includes transports, tank wagons, and various support trucks.


Clear  Diesel – Dyed Diesel

Recreational Gas (non-ethanol)


Onsite Fueling & Storage


Tank Monitoring

Home Heating Oil

24/7 Service

Our goal is to provide our residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers with all the fuels, lubricants and other petroleum products they need. Most importantly, however, we make it easy to get what you need by offering a full range of petroleum products and services, automatic delivery, budget payment plans, and bulk pricing in and around Southeastern Ohio.

While some other distributors just supply bulk petroleum as their primary focus, we aim to be your all- in-one, full-service provider of products. This means working with you to determine exactly what you need, where and when you need it, and making sure you have the full support of our team behind you. Whether you’re a farmer with consistent fuel demands or a contractor that requires the support of a company that can operate independently, RJ Wright and Sons is your trusted partner.

Contact us today and see for yourself the superior combination of great products and exceptional service we have to offer you.


RJ Wright and Sons Wholesale Division markets petroleum products throughout Southeast Ohio.  RJ Wright and Sons supplies diesel fuel and gasoline to trucking companies, schools, unbranded service stations, and other oil companies.


 RJ Wright and Sons buys petroleum products from 25 major and large independent refiners so customers have access to the best quality products at the most competitive prices.  RJ Wright and Sons also helps customers control fuel expenses using fixed cost and other cost control strategies and fuel management services.

Same day delivery available

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